Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of Dublin

Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of Dublin

an archbishop leading muslim prayers should be defrocked and then fired!!!

When I was a young student in Lyceum, I was offered a book, as part of History studies on the subject of the French Revolution. The book had a suggestive title – “An Aristocrat to the Guillotine” – something like that, it has been many years. The point was not in the title anyway. The point was about a story of a French Marquis, who terrified of the onslaught going on during the so-called “la terreur”, made it clear and public he was supportive of the French Revolution and agreed the cleansing was necessary. That did not save him! He was still killed by the revolutionaries, simply because he was a member of the French Nobility. Time and again, History has shown that there are occasions when not even the best intentions are sufficient to prevent the mad from taking over the asylum and cause mayhem.

The case with Radical Islam is somewhat similar, because radical muslims would not feel any better inclined to show sympathy for Christians who were a little more accomodating, in a hypothetical scenario whereby Islam would gain control of large Christian majority areas. Thus showing tolerance and love to intolerant, hateful people, is pretty much the same as trying to make silk purses out of pigs’ ears. It just doesn’t work! Hatred, extremism, intolerance and violence, blind people.

In Europe and much of the Christian World, we hold values which are dear to us. Tolerance, freedom, respect and consideration for different cultures, and so on and so forth. So there is a point in noting that among our own ranks, those who are inclined to extremism and pander to Fascism, racism and intolerance are just as bad as those we identify as radical Muslims, who take an aggressive and violent interpretation of Islam.

But that does not mean we should lower our guard. The symptoms are laid bare for all to see, it should not take a lot of effort to understand why there is danger. Just recently, Radical Muslim President Erdogan of Turkey declared that the reconversion of Hagia Sophia was a starting point of a renewal which will only be complete when Islam finally takes over other historical mosques, in Jerusalem, Andalucia (Spain) and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and beyond. This was broadcast by the CBN NEWS CHANNEL. Then, elsewhere, news broke that President Erdogan has plans to convert Europe to Radical Islam. This in turn, comes as a follow-up on ISIS pledge to flood Europe with Radical Muslims mixed in with genuine migrants. The pledge may have been successful; for news reported as part of a Opinion Poll Press Release published by the Think Tank European Values (EU), indicate that at least 44% of all Muslims now living in Europe believe in Islamic Fundamentalism and would prefer to live in an Europe ruled by Sharia Law.

Thus, purely on the face-value of circumstances and of what we know so far, having an Archbishop willing to lead Muslim prayers, is at odds with a much more desirable course of action, which is to make it clear at all times, to Muslims living inside Christianity, that whilst by definition of what being a Christian means, they are welcome and we do wish them well, they should not pet any aspirations of turning the tables on us. And on our part, we should not meddle with stuff that is incompatible with the Christian Faith.

What all that means is, simply put, the Archbishop of Dublin should have politely declined the invitation to lead Muslim prayers. For all sorts of reasons, but most pressingly for just good reasoning of common WISDOM, he should have declined to lead Muslim prayers. Even if everything failed somehow to light-up a bulb in the Archbishop’s head, he could at the very least, based on simple empirical knowledge, have realised that even a moderate Muslim Imam would decline an invitation to lead Christian prayers, or preside at the recitation of the Rosary, for example. It would not happen, EVER! In turn, the realisation of the fact should have informed the Archbishop that the best attitude would be to do the same an Imam would have done if invited to lead Christian prayers. And just say “No, thanks ever so much for the kind invitation”.

Now, the reader may be asking, and rightly so, where exactly is the Blasphemy issue?… And why on such a charge, should the Archbishop of Dublin be prosecuted in Ecclesiastical Court, and defrocked if found guilty?

The reasons are complicated, but as far as Christian Theology goes, they are quintessential in Christendom. Indeed, they have been known and accepted as an essential, basic tenet of the Christian Faith. Christianity, as we all know, is Trinitarian. It means we accept God the Father, Jesus the Son of God incarnate, both in the intimate and inseparable Union of God the Holy Spirit Paraclete. Right?!… And we also know from Christological teaching, that the Historical Jesus was betrayed, delivered to the Roman Authorities of Judea, severely chastised, crucified and died on the Cross. He was taken down quickly, due to the impending Feast of Passover and laid to rest in a sepulchre which, in view of the rush, was borrowed. And we know He resurrected in full glory. The rest is History, we know it.

Islam denies that Jesus was the Son of God incarnate, Islam affirms the Crucifixion never actually happened and therefore Jesus did not die on the Cross, which means the Resurrection never took place. And because Islam denies Jesus was the Son of God incarnate, it denies by extension the Holy Trinity. All this means that the “God” Islam worships is not the same God Christians hold as the One and True God. The One and Only, Trinitarian God does not exist in Islamic Theology. This is the foundational reason why Muslims generally follow their Sacred Text’s view of Jews and Christians as infidels. According to Islam, we all worship a fake. Indeed, at the event the Archbishop of Dublin attended, it was mentioned to him that Christianity is an “erroneous religion”.

So here is the issue! An Archbishop of a particular Church in Christendom, accepted to lead prayers to a non-Trinitarian god, whose son never was. It flies in the face of at least 1400 years (yes, one thousand and four hundred years!) of Christian Theology holding as Truth that Christianity and Islam are incompatible because the One and Only, True God is not the same god Islam worships and preaches. This is why it is such a blasphemous thing to do. By leading those Muslim prayers, the Archbishop implicitly accepts the denial of the Divinity of Jesus, professed by those whose prayers the Archbishop was there to preside over.

I can hardly think of a more egregious error of judgement. A Christian member of Clergy cannot engage into actions where it is almost certainly anticipated that denial – implicit or explicit – of the Divinity of Jesus is likely to occur, as a result of prayers or the beliefs of those involved in any such event.

Archbishops exist to uphold the Christian Faith. They are not politicians in the strict sense of political and public governance of citizens. That is not their job! They are not solemnly consecrated as Bishops of the One Church of Christ, to play dice with the critical tenets of Christian Theology, for the temporary and transitory sake of political correctness. This is wrong! This is why the Archbishop of Dublin should face suspension, prosecution in Ecclesiastical Court and if found guilty, defrocked. His actions are grievous, serious and worth of the most severe reproach. Decisive action should be taken! He should be fired!