The International Report, echoed by the German Journal Philosophia-Perennis, published in German, follows below in its entirety, translated to English:

The atrocities against Christians continue unabated and have reached an alarming climax as the security forces and the political actors concerned look the other way or cooperate with the jihadists. A guest contribution by Raymond Ibrahim

Attacks committed by Muslims against Christians in May 2020 included the following:

The slaughter of Christians

Nigeria: From January 2020 to mid-May 2020, Muslims massacred at least 620 Christians (470 by the Fulani tribe and 150 by Boko Haram). From a report dated May 14:

Armed tribal warriors of the Fulani and Boko Haram … have intensified their violence against Christians … with the slaughter of no fewer than 620 defenseless Christians in the past four months and half of 2020 and the pillaging and destruction of their churches and training centers. These atrocities against Christians have continued unabated and have reached an alarming climax, with security forces and affected political actors looking the other way or collaborating with the jihadists. The number of houses destroyed in this period went into the hundreds; dozens of Christian churches and training centers were also destroyed. “

In parts of African countries, predominant Muslim areas are very high risk for Christian villagers. Christian families are ferociously attacked and wiped out, often entire families, including men, women, elderly and children. The International Community says nothing.

The report goes on to state that since 2009 “no fewer than 32,000 Christians have been slaughtered by the country’s largest jihadist groups.”

In the spring of this year, in response to the “growing wave of violence against Nigerian Christians and others labeled ‘infidels” by Islamist armed groups, Solidarity International warned of the genocide of Christians in Nigeria … “In a recent statement released in May The Christian Rights Agenda, another human rights group, has expressed concern that the Nigerian President and Commander-in-Chief, General Muhammadu Buhari, not only failed to protect Christian communities, but even kept silent about the killings. To date, none of the Fulani tribal warriors has been arrested or charged with the killings. A development that only encouraged them. ”It is noteworthy that Buhari belongs to the Muslim tribe of the Fulani itself.

Apart from that, the Muslim who murdered Michael Nnadi, an 18-year-old student priest, confirmed from his prison cell that he murdered the youth because he continued to “preach the gospel of Jesus Christ” to his captors. According to a  May 3 report , “On the day of his abduction [Mustapha Mohammed, his murderer], Nnadi forbade finding peace by constantly preaching the gospel. Mohammed “did not behave as the convinced young man interpreted and decided to put an early end to his life.”


Neither the Holy See, nor the United Nations appear to be in any rush to expose this International scandal, despite the barbaric brutality of the attacks inflicted upon Christians.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Muslim fighters of the Allied Democratic Armed Forces, who had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS), murdered at least 17 people in the predominantly (95%) Christian African nation, if not possibly many more. “They fired several shots in the air,” said a local. “When the population fled, they captured some people and cut them up with machetes. In late 2019 , the same group murdered a pastor after he refused to give up preaching the gospel and convert to Islam.

The desecration of Christian churches, cemeteries and crosses

Greece: Muslim migrants looted a church and made it their private toilet . This public toilet was once the Church of St. Catherine in Moria, a small town on the island of Lesvos that was flooded by migrants who came to the island via Turkey. “The smell inside is unbearable,” said a local. “The Metropolitan of Mytilene is aware of the situation in the area, but for personal reasons does not want to deal with it”. The report says:

“This is only the most recent incident… The Greek Orthodox churches on Lesbos have often been devastated and attacked by illegal immigrants….

“As a deeply religious society, these attacks on churches are shocking to the Greek people and raise the question of whether these illegal immigrants seeking a new life in Europe are ready to integrate and adhere to the norms and values ​​of their new countries adapt.

“These ongoing attacks have ultimately resulted in the population of Lesbos, nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize, becoming increasingly frustrated with the unresolved situation that has restricted and changed their lives as they settle on their island, which was once almost crime-free no longer feels safe.

Other incidents on Lesbos include “African immigrants who mocked and spat on the police and destroyed thousands of olive trees in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic”.

Turkey: On May 8, a man tried to set fire to a church in Istanbul . The church had been desecrated in previous years, sometimes with mocking graffiti. When the police arrested the arsonist, he said, “I set them on fire because they [the Christians] brought the coronavirus [to Turkey]”. Another account of the incident stated that “minorities in Turkey such as Armenians, Rums and Syrians [all Christians] and their places of worship are occasionally the target of hateful attacks.”

Two weeks later, on May 22nd, in broad daylight, a man climbed the fence of a historic Armenian church in Istanbul, tore off a metal cross and, as can be seen in the images of a surveillance camera, threw it to the ground. The man, who looks more like a westernized “hipster” than an ardent Islamist, walks up to the cross and stares at it for a while – he even poses for the surveillance camera – before he sets out to tear off the crucifix.

Pakistan: After Friday prayers on May 8th, an ‘ anti-Christian slogan ‘ roaring armed Muslim mob attacked the Trinity Pentecostal Church in Hakeem Pura and tried to set it on fire. The church, built 22 years ago, was desecrated, a large cross was destroyed and parts of a wall were torn down. The Muslim behind the attack had sold land to the growing church a year earlier and now wanted it back. A Christian eyewitness reported that after the members of the mob “after attacking the walls and cross and threatening those who dared to oppose them, they fled … Not only the cross, but our hearts too Broken”.

Independently of this, Muslim ” land robbers ” seized, desecrated and plowed the graves of a centuries-old Christian cemetery with a tractor. From the report of May 22:

“The Christian community there reportedly protested the injury and tried to stop the vandalism. However, their members were allegedly threatened with firearms … All the destroyed graves had crosses on top … Some of the houses inhabited by the Christians were demolished and people were forced to flee their homes. Amid widespread discrimination against the Christian community in Pakistan, minority property is often the target of injustice, including land grabbing and the fact that it is the target of criminals. In addition, economic inequalities and religious biases in the Pakistani judiciary have intensified Christian struggles to reclaim the lost land ”.

Serbia: On Sunday May 31st, two Muslims entered St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Belgrade during the service and robbed several of the mostly elderly churchgoers. “There were two of you. They broke into the church while the liturgy was in progress and stole two wallets and three cell phones, ”a church leader reported and added:

“After entering the church they split into two sides, and when people saw what was happening, they managed to arrest one of them and take the stolen cell phones and money away from him. The other managed to escape. He took two wallets with him. One was 3,500 dinars, the other 18,000, which is the total pension of a woman. We turned the young man over to the police while the other escaped. This is an insult. Is there nothing sacred to people, such as the liturgy? Dreadful!”

Egypt: On 30 May, two days before the worldwide day of remembrance of President Trump the Coptic religion recognized , Egyptian authorities have demolished the only Coptic church in the village of Koum al-Farag, though for 15 years stood there and 3,000 Christians House of God served. From the report:

“The destruction of the church was a punishment for the crime of building Sunday school rooms … When the work started, some extremist Muslims started attacking Christians.”

Another article about the incident reported :

“According to an ancient Islamic tradition or common law, churches are excluded from being formally recognized or from displaying Christian symbols when a mosque is built in their immediate vicinity.”

The authorities decided to address this issue by destroying the church, which took a tractor ” six long hours, ” recalled one Copt:

“The decision was not welcomed by the Christians in the village, so they came there with the church documents to protest. However, some police officers and radicals began to insult and attack them. The pastor received so many blows on the face and chest that he passed out. “

In another attack in the early morning hours of May 16, “an air conditioning technician threw a Molotov cocktail into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Alexandria.” Here is an excerpt from a report :

“Video from a surveillance camera led to his arrest. Fortunately, no one was injured in this attack. It is foreseeable, however, that the public prosecutors will apparently seek an acquittal on the pretext that the perpetrator of this religiously motivated hate crime is also mentally ill. Based on a precedent, it is extremely unlikely that this perpetrator would face any consequences for attempting to set a church on fire. “

Mozambique: Islamic terrorists attacked a monastery . The four monks living there were able to hide and were unharmed. The hospital they built for the nearby village, however, has been destroyed by the armed Muslims. Here is an excerpt from a report from May 18:

“Little is known about the insurgents, and until recently there were doubts that they were indeed Islamists, but they have claimed to be fighting for the introduction of Sharia law in northern Mozambique…. The attack on the monastery, which also destroyed a hospital that the monks had built in the village, is the second worst attack on a Christian target since the riots began. A Catholic mission was also attacked last month, although, as here, no one was killed. Other communities were not so lucky because the insurgents left a trail of and devastation in the towns and villages they attacked ”.

Nigeria: On May 7th, a helicopter bombed and destroyed a church. The building was empty at the time and there were no reports of victims. A local guide said :

“The helicopter was already in the air there and dropped some objects. We don’t know what they dropped, but the helicopter reappeared yesterday afternoon and dropped a bomb… [The] Congregation Church was destroyed, including a nearby building…. Hours after the incident, a group of around 100 people marched through the village with guns. Some traveled on foot while others rode motorcycles. One of them carried a flag that is not a Nigerian flag; another person spoke some mantras in Arabic…. People have fled the village… The question is who were the occupants of the helicopter that dropped the bomb…. We are very concerned…. If it was a mistake by the security authorities, they should come here and explain

Algeria: Four Muslim guards responsible for protecting a church have devastated it and overturned the statue of the Virgin Mary there . The report writes:

“The chapel of Santa Cruz, which was built from stones from Mount Murdjadjo, on which it stands, was the place of an attempted theft… Four looters are said to have destroyed the statue of Mary while trying to steal it. On their way they also destroyed other sacred monuments …

It later emerged that the four guards hired by the chapel were the looters themselves. The report continues:

“In addition, the Christian community in Algeria denounces … the intimidation faced by believers. Many Christians have denounced the series of church closings on the national territory. Several evangelical associations and organizations have called for an end to “increasing pressure and intimidation from the Algerian government.”

Iran: A cemetery was set on fire on Sunday, May 17 , just two days after the grave of the biblical figures, Esther and Mordechai, was also set on fire on the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. The damage to the grave, a sacred place for Jews and Christians, is reported to be minor. Aside from video footage showing smoke billowing over the walls of the burned Christian cemetery, few more details are available about the burned Christian cemetery. A Hindu temple was also reportedly set on fire in May.

France: Unknown vandals iconic an iron cross sawed , which stood since 1911 at the summit of the Pic Saint-Loup and was visible from afar. A related report says :

“While vandalism and desecration of Christian sites have increased in Europe, most of these incidents occurred in France, where, according to government statistics, churches, schools, cemeteries and monuments were“ vandalized, desecrated and destroyed an average of three times a day be set on fire. “

Although the identity of the vandals responsible for this latest scandal is unknown, it appears that as Western European nations with large Muslim migrant populations have seen a disproportionate increase in attacks on churches and Christian symbols. According to a study in 2017 from France – that the largest Muslim population in Europe has – rose “Islamist attacks on Christians” of 273 attacks in 2015 to 376 in 2016 to 38%; most of these attacks took place around Christmas time and “many occurred in churches and other places of worship”. Similarly, around Christmas 2016 in a German region, in which more than a million Muslims live [ I am probably talking about NRW here. The linked page has already been taken offline by the lying German Islam Conference. / Note d. Transl.], About 50 public Christian statues (including Jesus statues) beheaded and crucifixes broken.

Kidnapping, raping and the forced conversion of Christian women

Nigeria: Between April 23rd and April 25th, six young Christian girls and one elderly married woman were kidnapped . “We are deeply saddened to tell you about the struggles we were waging ourselves in the midst of the lockdown,” reported the Hausa Christians Foundation on May 4, adding that they were “involved in solving the following tragic kidnappings and incidents violent Islamization has worked, although the lockdown has limited these efforts ”. The explanation continues :

Any attempts by women to resist sexual abuse, forced marriage and conversion to Islam, the result is almost always certain death, brutal and violent, in complete impunity. Atrocious!

“The usual practice is that these girls are forced into marriage and are continually abused sexually, physically and emotionally. We are doing our best to save these precious lives, but our efforts have been thwarted by the current government lockdown that has put everything on hold…. The simple reason for the injustice and persecution we face is because of our faith in Jesus Christ… ”.

Two of the young girls have been saved .

Pakistan: Another young girl was abducted , according to a May 2 report .

On Sunday April 26th, a 14-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped … by a group of armed Muslim men. The family of the Christian girl has filed a complaint and is asking the police to bring her family member back…. Myra Shehbaz was kidnapped by a group of Muslim men led by Muhammad Naqash. Eyewitnesses claim that Myra was attacked while driving to work as a domestic servant on Sunday afternoon. Myra’s kidnappers forced her into a car, and Myra tried to resist … .. [The] kidnappers were armed and fired several shots in the air … .. [The girl’s mother] fears that her daughter has been violently raped Islam is converted or even killed…. An estimated 1.

Egypt: In a May 22 report, Coptic Solidarity, a human rights organization, focused on the plight of Egyptian Christians and noted the following:

“Native Coptic Christians in Egypt continue to face increasing persecution by the government and society … To illustrate, at least five Coptic women, including some minors, have reportedly been kidnapped or disappeared in the past few weeks, and the Egyptian State Security has not concerted Efforts made to get them back…. Ranya Abd al-Masih, a Coptic wife and mother of three children from a city north of the capital Cairo … remains missing despite protests, including from the region’s church, which complains about “the complete inactivity of the authorities”.

Hatred and abuse of Christians

Austria: A local newspaper reported:

“Graffiti that rightly causes a lot of excitement. The words “Christians must die” can be seen at the Traisen-Markt train station. Above it, in the same style, the words Allahu Akbar“. The removal of the graffiti has already been initiated and will cost around 500 euros. “

Uganda: A Muslim father set his daughter on fire for converting to Christianity. During the trip of a sheikh (respected elder) of the Muslim community, his 24-year-old daughter, Rehema Kyomuhendo, heard the gospel and secretly converted to Christianity. On the night of May 4th, when she and her father were staying at her aunt’s house, she called a Christian sister in faith: “When we talked about Christ, I was so overjoyed,” Rehema later explained , “and my father heard my joy and woke up, came out of his bedroom angry and started beating me up with slaps and kicks. Also roared he that he would “kill her”. He broke a gas container, ignited the contents with the undiluted fuel and began to light his daughter. Her screams woke her aunt, who was protecting her from the sheikh. It was recently reported that Rehema was expected to be hospitalized for more than a month with “severe burns to her leg, stomach, ribs, near her neck and part of her back.” Nobody “reported the attack to the police for fear that their father might try to kill them.”

Pakistan: In another example of Christian abuse, this time related to COVID-19, “an Islamic clergyman claims that his organization is using food aid under COVID-19 to convert non-Muslims to Islam,” a report said  from May 8th. On Pakistani television , the cleric boasted that when a penniless Christian asked for help, “the organization’s staff offered him food in exchange for converting to Islam, which he accepted”. The man was later renamed Mohammed Ramadan, which means that his conversion had occurred during the Muslim holy month. The cleric had added that Mohammed fasted at the time (which sounds ironic when you consider that it was hunger that made him convert in the first place).