Clash of Civilisations - Christianity vs Islam

We all have been here before… Something, which is perfectly normal and ordinary in everyday life across Western countries, suddenly triggers anger among Muslims. The resulting scenes are all too predictable; we just know the spectacle that is to follow… Thousands of Muslims, stirred up by inflamed interventions of their usually undemocratic and authoritarian leaders, come on the streets around the Islamic World, screaming in utter histrionics, flip-flops will go flying in the air, Western countries flags will be set alight, Friday prayers at the mosques will be dominated by more hysterics, etc… There is no need to describe all of this in full, the vaudeville is almost always the same. Regrettably, the lessons have not yet been learnt, by those whose duty is to learn quickly and read into the signs events give off.

Now, it has been plainly evident for a number of years that the Muslim communities living in Western and/or Christian countries, are the only ones crossing the red line and seem to get away with it, in complete impunity. Our politicians and many of us ourselves, dislike being unfairly branded as racist or islamophobic, thus leaving an open flank to those within Muslim communities who see in it a weakness well worth exploiting. Generally, say those who govern us, abuse is not acceptable – that’s right! – and therefore topical application of the Rule of Law sets the record straight. That’s wrong!

Topical application of the Rule of Law, focused on the perpetrators of wrongdoing, does not actually set the record straight. Muslim communities will repeat, again and again, the same attitude of defiance of Western Law, and will always produce elements ready to cross the red line, inflicting upon the host Western societies where they live; abuse, crime, pain and murder. The Islamic mindset prevalent within Muslim culture, tradition and religious belief, submits fully to the Islamic Law and Tradition, and typically follows a literal reading of religious text. This is certainly true of how Islam reads the Qur’an, but is no less true of how it reads the Sunnahs and the Haddith (aka Athar).

There are very practical consequences arising from this. Westerners are seen as infidels, our Rule of Law is nothing other than a hardly tolerable system, which no Muslim finds preferable to Islamic Sharia Law. We are their Host society, but that does not mean they will love us more than they did before turning up at our doorstep. It is therefore rather difficult for Muslim communities to accept being ruled by a society and spirituality they consider inferior to their own. After all, many of them migrated into Europe from Countries where Christianity, Western or otherwise, is severely punishable. Resisting the West and by extension Christianity and Judaism is thus, not just natural, but appropriate as a general attitude and behavioural requirement of any Muslim worth his or her salt. Under this mindset, moderation is a behaviour rather lacking. This becomes only apparent in crisis moments, or official surveys where anonymity is guaranteed. Not surprisingly, a Survey conducted across the European Union, commissioned by the European Union Commission, found 46% of Muslims (born originally in Islamic countries) surveyed wish to have Sharia Law enforced in France for example. Similar percentual figures replicate across the UK and other European Union countries.

Islam rejects Western values as infidel values.
The cultural, religious and societal divide is too deep to encourage integration into the hosting Western society Muslims live in.

It is useful to understand – and urgently accept this is the likely default position – that because Muslim cultures always tend to depart from their own cultural mindset, as their priority starting point, Muslims living in Western societies do not necessarily accept Western rules, and for this reason default to their own particular way of resolving conflict. I believe this explains the level of hostile aggression and violence, which is specific to an Islamic cultural, societal and religious response to whatever the issue may be at any given moment. Topical application of Western Rule of Law fails spectacularly in addressing the Islamic mindset. It has been proven time and again to always resort by default to extremely violent responses. There is no instrument of Law or implement of its enforcement in the West, capable of bringing Muslims among us into respect for our laws and rules.

As far as Western societies and their ways of life are concerned, multiculturalism involving Islamic Culture is an immense failure in so many aspects of relations between Muslims and the other cultures or religions living in the West, the question arising is necessarily to ask why do Muslims insist in living in Western societies, when it is plainly obvious they dislike us, find it difficult to adapt to our values, legal systems, democratic values, irreverent sense of humour, freedoms and societal culture?… To answer this question is not easy, the choices are unpalatable because Muslim resistance internally within the West, bridges with a political agenda shared by radical leaders and regimes of Muslim countries to make it one of their critical objectives, to weaken the West, undermine it as much as possible, create hostility, hurt and demoralise Westerners, provoque anger by a variety of means and so on and forth.

It is however important to recognise that internal resistance against Western ways of life and foreign policy of Muslim regimes do not share the same motivational platform. Foreign regimes, such as Iran, Turkey and others, depart from a political agenda of Islamic expansionism, whatever the cost, potentially by expanding Islam to Western territories. This is not new at all. Muslim occupation of Southern Europe and the Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire (1529) show precisely this. Europe is coveted territory, it has always been. Radical Islam leaders’ dreams of restoring the European Caliphate are alive and well indeed.

So… To be clear… Either by coincidence, or by design (whichever you the reader might feel more inclined to believe as right), the sad reality, for which we are already paying the price, is our politicians ineptitude at seeing clearly anything beyond the tip of their noses, for it is quite obvious that the internal pressures coming from the 44 million Muslims already living in Europe, and the Islamic expansionist agenda of radical regimes are the two gates of a single bridge. Sadly, Europeans, infatuated with this absurd idea of an all-secular Europe, have created a weaker Europe, by irresponsibly letting it be pushed into the middle of the bridge with nowhere to go, except perhaps jump off it into rather ice cold waters. Our very own version of Titanic, but better call it Tipanic this time round!

Christians are killed routinely by Muslim communities in Africa
Christians are routinely killed in territories with a predominantly Muslim population, not just in African countries such as Nigeria, but also in the Muslim World, especially Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

The recent case of the beheading of a teacher in Paris, and now the killing of three Christians, among which the beheading of a 70-year old lady, inside Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, whilst waiting for Holy Mass to begin, is an outrage, of course. But it is not new in any way, shape or flavour! We have all been clearly here before, and the response in the West is always the same half-baked choir of timid voices, invoking Western Rule of Law (which as I explained earlier, means virtually nothing to the Muslim population, because they believe in Sharia Law), and the usual promises of bringing the culprits to Justice (which the murderers see as a Badge of Honour), and ask the European native population to stay alert. Alert for what exactly?!.. Our politicians created a secular, spiritually decrepit society, without God and without the Christ. Then allowed Europe to welcome a completely antagonistic cultural tradition to live among us. On top of it, they then allowed refugees to enter Europe without a proper check to ascertain they were genuine refugees and not ISIS terrorists disguised as refugees. And now they ask us to stay alert?!.. This is absurd! Let me be clear! Politicians made the infantile mistakes we all know, but it is 70-year olds who pay by losing their heads to a Muslim blade in Church first thing in the morning!

What is Europe in the minds of our politicians? A slaughter house of some sort?

A Christian Europe (as opposed to secular and godless) should have been able to rescue Christians, persecuted in African, Middle-Eastern and Far-Eastern Muslim republics, routinely killed in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan, Egypt and others… Please note: Killed by the bucket load, in their hundreds and thousands[1]. Instead, despite the evidence coming from other Countries, where clearly Christians are routinely eliminated, we allowed this Radical Muslim violence to invade our streets, harm our lives, challenge our democracies and attempt at ending our ways of life. When are we in Europe, citizens and politicians, finally going to realise that there is no difference between that Christian woman killed in Nigeria (see above photo) and the 70-year old lady killed by decapitation in Nice?

A solution has to be found. We have to look these Muslim Councils in France, in Britain and elsewhere in Europe in the eye and make it clear that non-abiding by our Laws and a continuation of this sort of murderous behaviour in our streets, public buildings and Churches  will result in people being ordered to leave, if not by State action, by a much worse effect, which is the dangerous rise of extremist politicians from populist far-right parties, growing in numbers and potentially in votes, creating perilous conditions for the rise of another potentially dangerous and dark period of European History.

Perhaps the best solution is for unhappy Muslims to accept they are unable to adapt to Western Culture, laws, values and societal ways of life. Why be unhappy, when the solution is to review their best interests and move to Countries and societies closer to their own Cultural values, spiritual and religious beliefs and mindset?

I don’t have an answer. The answer is for politicians and for those who feel affected by our ways of life, to find. Genuinely, I am primarily concerned with interested parties being able to find a solution that is acceptable to all concerned, and ends the reoccurrence of this violence at the hands of Muslims living in Europe.

American scholar Neal A. Maxwell once said that “sometimes we are so busy being the hammer or the anvil, that we forget who really needs the shaping”. I concur. Let us just focus and be reminded that in this issue with radical Muslims living in Europe,  it is not Europe that needs shaping. We have been Western and Christian for 2000 years and we intend to continue to be so. Whatever the cost!

[1] According to International Authorities sources, 11.000 Christians were killed in May 2020 alone!