Who are the Canons Regular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Sacred Heart of Jesus-Christ The King Oratory is what we call an Outpost of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church. We like the term “Outpost” because it describes rather well who we are and our Mission… More about that later…The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a significant branch of the church that derived from the Roman Catholics who separated to form the ‘Old Catholics of Utrecht‘. Many of their successors embraced a liberality and openness which was successful in creating the ‘Liberal Catholic’ churches. Our church is related to them all through our ‘family tree’ and the coming together of Liberal Catholic, Old Catholic and Apostolic churches which led to the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of today. In short, we are Catholic, just not Roman, simply because we derive from the Independent Catholicate of Utrecht.

Who We Are, Broadly

In short?… Clergy! The Old Catholic Apostolic Church institutes both Minor Orders – Acolytes and Sub-Deacons for example – as well as Major Orders – Deacons and Priests – the latter are properly and validly ordained by our Presiding Bishop in full Apostolic Succession. Our Presiding Bishop was admitted to the Order of Corporate Reunion, by Pope Benedict XVI on Advent Sunday, 29th of November 2009.More broadly, the Old Catholic Apostolic Church is first and foremost, a ‘Mission’ church always doing something! So each of our Clergy has an active expression of serving; we are Street Pastors, Chaplains, Preachers, Christian Broadcasters, Missionaries, Christian Writers and so on.+

Durham Oratory

Each Outpost is different and follows a specific charisma of serving as you can see just above. The Oratory in Durham is no different; our Clergy focuses on Spiritual Support, Sacramental Assistance, visitations to the housebound, the elderly, the sick at home and in hospitals, end-of-life spiritual and Sacramental assistance both to the Patient and his or her Family, Online Media Broadcasts of Liturgical celebrations in our Community Oratory, namely Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and Rosary Recitation, and when invited by Parishes, Congregations and Religious Communities, preaching and taking part in concelebrations.+

Liturgy & Pastoral Services

17 Pastoral & Liturgical Possible Services to Select From Online

Home Visits

We can visit you at home, by appointment, usually just for a visit or to bring you Holy Communion.
Need to talk? That’s OK. Need to pray? That’s OK too.(1)

Hospital Visits

We visit Hospitals around, usually by randomly popping in to say hello, pray if you wish, either by joint work with the Chaplaincy or on our own.


We can visit patients and their Families; at home, hospital or at the hospice, offering Spiritual Support, leading prayer or bring Holy Communion. [1]

Media Broadcasts

Our Clergy Community Oratory may broadcast Liturgical celebrations such as Holy Mass [1] and Eucharistic Adoration; or prayers such as the Rosary.


We preach or concelebrate by invitation or arranging with Parishes, Religious institutes, communities and religious congregations and monastic orders, private groups and more.


Naturally, as a Catholic Church, we will be able to administer all 5 Sacraments, Eucharist [1], Reconciliation [1], Baptism, Anointing-the-Sick [1] and Marriage.

(1) Due to Health, Safety and Security restrictions, HOME VISITS depend on constraints brought about by the COVID-19 rules in force at any given time and follow strict rules of Security. HOME VISITS are quality-monitored. The following requirements are mandatory:

a) Our Clergy is obliged to show you their ID Card, which has a QR CODE, should you wish to check our Clergy status in real time.

b) At the end of the HOME VISIT, you will be invited to sign a Quality Monitoring Form.